Tuesday, September 20, 2011

kembara dvvt 1.3cc

It is base on my experience to owe and drive the car. Kembara which is the name sold in Malaysia, it actually call Daihatsu Terios, Its cause me RM50K +/- to buy the car. The specification of the
car you can get in www.perodua.com.my we have Kembara club in Malaysia, if you interest to know more can visit www.kembara.net

Well, it is a DVVT 1.3cc manual petrol version that bought, it suitable for 4 adults, the pick up for this small SUV is not bad can compete with 1.5CC normal sedan car. It have 180mm ground clearance which almost same height with all those big cc 4x4 car (before modification off road version). It is a full time 4 wheel, so although its small s
Perodua Kembara
ize but connering not bad. The faster I drive in highway is 150km/h which the fuel paddle still not touch the floor (can go further depend whether you dare or not). what I impress is the real sit can folding up and you can put a lot of thing on it, beside the real sit also can act like front sit if the real sit people want to sleep (pull down the sit back) whereas many car can not do it.

I know many people concern the fuel usage due to currently petrol price ... I use my car all season, besides go to work daily jammed hours morning and evening 45km distance and use for Saturday and Sunday outing. I use to keep tract of my car fuel usage, its give my 14km/l, on only highway it give 16km/l. For auto version (my elder sister) is give 11km/l. I may conclude that is not considered fuel monster compare to others 4x4 car.

Yes, one more thing I like is the spare tyre is attach on the real door not under the car boot, because I saw some is under the car boot when want to change tyre, you have to bent down your kneed and body to take out the spare tyre (not change tyre yet you already dirty your hand and leg).

I bought the car at Dec2004, now already 2006 Jun, till now no problem (touch wood) and the fuel consumption still the same 14km/l, only go for regular car services. Yes the air filter for me a little bit expensive, it cause my RM170/= but later I found out there are cheaper version not original only RM30 in the market.

Overall, it is good and sporty, but if you looking for spacious it is not this car, my advice on this car is suitable for small family below 4 person or for daily job (it is small and easy to park and find the place to park, due t its high you can drive up road side to park too).


  1. The fastest I have driven was 150kmh on a highway

  2. bro, nice write up.

    The engine is belt driven or chain driven? Any major service? How much is it?

    thinking of getting this after considering all kind of off road vehicle because my god damn Exora drags on uneven kebun road (and on some hill , it won't go up, simply no grip)